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You are the number one ingredient in the Build A Scoop experience.

Fresh ingredients

All our ingredients are seasonal, fresh and locally sourced.

Giving back

We will always share our prosperity with the communities our stores are located in.

Ice Cream experience

What Makes Build A Scoop Unique?


Build a Scoop is all about the WOW factor, every day or for your most special occasions. And everyone is welcome to join us in a community bound by shared experiences.

Family. Friends. Loved ones. DOGS!

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of customer service so that Build a Scoop is the perfect place to begin a wonderful day or end a magical night.


Technology meets tradition in a most surprising way. Enter the first interactive Steampunk ice cream experience.

Build a Scoop is a place where the nostalgia and warm service of an old fashioned ice cream shop is reborn into something completely new.

This is an environment rich with science, magic, and wonder. Interact with costumed staff. Turn knobs. Switch lights on and off.

Play with gadgets everywhere. Arrive for the flavor, stay for the show, tell everyone, and come back soon! 


We work with an amazing chef to develop our menu.

He brings his understanding of flavor and a lifetime of culinary creativity to Build A Scoop.

Expect the fan favorites, like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Explore the unexpected, like Avocado, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Vanilla Maple Bacon, and Cereal & Milk.


Show your craftiness and creativity as you custom build your own dream ice cream, customized to your taste and wildest desires. We have something for everyone, designed to satisfy and excite no matter what your diet or mood might be.


We only use premium gelato, made with pure milk from grass fed cows. It is incredibly smooth and it just melts in your mouth. It’s different from ice cream and we think it’s better. We also offer a bounty of great, non-dairy and vegan options.


Come for a one-of-a-kind experience and atmosphere that will activate all of your senses! Watch ice cream be frozen with nitrogen and blended with an endless array of toppings in front of your eyes in the main event. Share the fun with friends and family in pics and videos with eye-popping action and intrigue everywhere you turn.

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Our followers trust in ice cream. As will you.